Sunday, December 19, 2010

in sleep

Last night I went out with Love and friends of ours. We drank a lot and had a pretty fantastic time, including a heated moment wherein Love defended my honor against a creepy man who said something horribly disrespectful about me the last time we saw him out. I had many bourbons and slept heavily when we got home. I was going through my phone this afternoon and came across fragments of poems I wrote last night when I should have been sleeping. A lot of time as I'm in the half-awake state right before sleep lines come to me that I tell myself I'l remember but I never do. I've gotten into the habit of grabbing my phone off the nightstand jotting the lines down in a notepad application. I love going through the notes and looking at the lines, sometimes I use them and sometimes they just stay in my phone, reminding me the writing comes when it comes. The fragments of poems from last night are fragments I want to use. One beginning I called "Bed Weather." Another is an ode to bourbon which I'm sure has been done but there are a couple of lines I think will work.

Two days until the solstice. I'm so ready for the days to start to grow longer. I'm tired of hibernating.

I dig this poem. the jaws of lusty squirrels Beautiful.

Rain predicted heavily the next couple of days. Lots of indoor time for me, reading and writing. Naps. Making candy. We're not big into Christmas in the family but will spend it together, one of my favorite cousins in coming in to town and I'm excited to see him. I haven't eaten a candy cane yet. I should get on that.

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