Friday, January 14, 2011

brain jangling

January morning. Clear sky, warm day coming. I have a few minor errands to run. A manuscript to submit to a chapbook contest. Buying new night cream with a scent that doesn't annoy my boyfriend. A bag to finish sewing for a baby shower. A trip to the dog park with the beautiful beast whose face reminds me of a kangaroo. Dinner. Beer. Live music. A few laughs with my baby sister and her contagious high laugh that starts with a loud peal and descends into a throaty, belly jiggling giggle. I've started meditating again and am slowly becoming accustomed to the silence, all the brain jangling is dissipating. I've been weaning myself off of cigarettes, at least during the week; weekends I am going to indulge. I'm experimenting with drinking unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I've pickled beets.

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