Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the world ends nightly

B took this picture of Cecil and me at the dog park last week. We were discussing hypotheses for ripening Thai chilies for a fermented hot sauce I want to make.

My dreams have been of the the end of the world a lot lately. Not uncommon. I have a deep-seeded subconscious fear of the world ending because throughout my childhood it was drilled into my head almost daily that the world was about to end. Firestorms, floods, earthquakes, the whole disaster enchilada. Tsunami figure heavily into my dreams, they always have. I manage each time to outrun them, the waves splashing at my heels as I cling to the side of a cliff or I make it up the stairs at the last moment. The dreams used to terrify me but as I've grown older I know they're just an indelible part of who I am.

Waiting for a shipment of books. Looking forward to getting the second and third installments of a fantasy trilogy I started reading last week, as well as another YA book and a Leonard Cohen book. I'm eclectic as fuck.

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