Saturday, May 7, 2011

blog neglect for sure

But don't worry, kidlings, all happens for a reason. Yes I'm neglecting the blog but I'm getting lots of good living done in the interim. Interesting shift of perceptions happening in my mind. I'm more broke than I've ever been but in a strange juxtaposition I'm probably happier than I've been in a long while.

I'be been focused on physical health. Not that I've ever been particularly unhealthy but cigarettes are mainly a thing of the past (I've cheated on Saturday nights whilst out at bars, a few drinks in I'll have a smoke but barely smoke, I like the prop aspect of it.) I'm into a workout routine. I haven't worked out in years. It has effectively killed my insomnia. I'm meditating most mornings. Weekends I tend to stay in bed and choose snuggle over mindfulness when I wake up between Love and his dog. But all in all, health! A good thing too, since otherwise old patterns would be horsewhipping me emotionally right about now.

I have a reading coming up on Thursday at El Zarape. Reading with some great women. I had a reading a few days ago at Mesa College, my first in months. I had not read to instead focus on putting my manuscript together and sending it out. Reading was like taking a long drink of cold beer after getting settled on the beach in Mexico. Perfect. I was a tiny bit nervous because I hadn't expected so many people to how up. But they did and they were a fantastic audience, attentive, inquisitive and just cool. My tongue was a little clumsy, tripping over some phrases, but overall I was pleased. I had a lot of good feedback from the audience which makes the 3am roving hours of writing malaise worth it.

In other milestones Love and I have been dating for one year. It may not seem like a big deal but I dig having reached the point. I dig that after all those years single I learned how to be on my own and I was happy on my own; then out of nowhere this adoring man plopped into my lap and made it clear from the get he wanted me and only me. What a sea change from my past. I love the man and love the space between us.

My YA novel is on the forefront of my mind as of late. Incubating. Teasing. All these shifts are the precursor (I hope) to some serious writing time. My YA novel is calling. I'm getting ready to answer.