Friday, June 3, 2011

"Praises" and reading

A new poem of mine has been published at Toe Good Poetry. Not for prudes. I posted it to my Facebook page but had to customize the settings to hide it from family and some friends. Ahh. Funny how the most provocative work gets chosen. When the editor selected the poem he told me "It made me say HOLY SHIT!" Maybe it'll be the gateway poem to my collection, the way some drugs are supposedly gateway drugs to harder drugs, though in this case the rest of my work isn't as provocative. Or it is, in another way.

I'm reading June 11 with Raquel Gutierrez at Voz Alta. I LOVE Raquel. We met a couple of years ago during rehearsals for ProClitvities, a show about Latinas and sexuality in Santa Monica. We bonded over our love of whiskey, dark chocolate and cigarettes. I've said goodbye to cigarettes and whiskey but am still in love with dark chocolate. I'm excited to have Raquel in town, to share a stage with her again. She is a wonderful human being and writer.

I started a new project this week. Pretty damn happy about it It has been a long time coming and after years of letting it percolate I finally put pen to page. My rule this time around is to give myself permission to write utter crap, just to get the story out. When I was working on the Novel (whole other sad story going on with that,) I edited constantly and became so obsessed with the minutiae that I forgot I was supposed to be writing a story. Now I'm just writing madly, knowing it isn't my best work but that I'm getting the story out. First drafts don't count anyway.

I received my first rejection for my manuscript this week. I'm sending it out again next month to a press I really like. It will happen, damn it. Eventually. The insomnia sometimes worries itself back into my life but then I remember this from Rilke:

In deep nights I dig for you like treasure.
For all I have seen
that clutters the surface of my world
is poor and paltry substitute
for the beauty of you
that has not happened yet. . .

I've been dancing around to this a lot. I don't want to bore you with it but I love you! I love you! I love you!