Friday, September 30, 2011

done and done

My reading last night went well. I was part of a line-up of great performers. My sister came out, I love when she comes out to readings. She gets so excited. After I read she came up to to tell me she thought it was the best prose piece she'd ever heard me read. Aww. The she said "It made me laugh, it made me sad, it made me think. Kind of like a Disney movie." Dork. But I was happy she liked it. Cecil showed up with a great piece of chocolate for me. Lizeth Santos of Smile Now Cry Later came by with her husband. I LOVE her music. Go buy her song.

I always get nervous after the fact. I'm fine before a performance. I'm fine during. But after I get the shakes. The weird throat palpitation isn't helping.

I danced a little. Drank a little. I knocked over a stool. I had conversations I didn't want to have. Around 11:30 I walked home alone. I was horribly sad. I slept deeply and had dreams that were comforting and odd.

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