Sunday, September 25, 2011

a little joy

There have been changes in my life recently and I've been dealing with it. Not happily, not peacefully but with my jaw set and with my eyes on a horizon that that keeps receding into the distance. Whatever. I'm an adult, I've dealt with worse. I've been working myself exhausted and surrounding myself with hobbies, distractions and all the rest of the bullshit one delves into during change.

This weekend has been pretty phenomenal and I've been truly happy. Friday night I decided to treat myself to solitary dinner and drinks at Vagabond and lo and behold, someone paid for my meal and all of my drinks. After I went to the Whistlestop and they were playing cumbia. So I danced for hours. I haven't danced like that since I saw Nortec last October. And I love dancing.

Last night my wonderful, dear friend Cecil took me to the Suzie's Farm Autumnal Equinox dinner. Suzie's Far is an organic farm near the Mexican border. I've been there before and I buy their produce at the farmer's market. Pretty cool place run by awesome people. Half of Cecil's diet comes from the farm. They had an idea to make a sunflower maze and host a dinner in the center of it. Holy shit. It was awesome. We went around 5:30, just when the light was perfect and it was so damn beautiful I wanted to cry. Ren shouldered blackbirds were swooping around. Walking through the maze led us to different "rooms" where different drinks and appetizers were being served. Musicians played. At the center of the maze two long tables were set up under white string lights. It was magical, for lack of a better word. The food was good. We sat with a bunch of people from South Park and had pretty good conversations and lots of wine. I was so damn happy I thought my heart would explode and my face hurt from smiling. I forget how surprisingly beautiful the world can be. I forget to look around and appreciate the little things, plants, smiling strangers, birds.

This video is from last night, The Tree Ring performing Dreams Where I Am Sleeping.

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