Friday, October 14, 2011

homeward bound

Last morning here in Sayulita. I spent a couple of hours on the beach early this morning, watching the surfers and beach dogs. The tide was high. A storm was out over the Pacific but the sky over the beach was clear.

Heading to the airport in about an hour for an afternoon flight. A part of me is ready to go home, to sleep in my own bed, see my family and get back into the rhythm of things. Another part of me dreads walking into my apartment. I did a lot of cleaning before I left so I'll go home to a clean place, washed sheets. Scrubbed of memory too. No food. Flowers dying in the vase.

In my dreams last night I was underwater. I kept waking up after intense dreams and looking out the window. My dreams were near the surface of my emotional consciousness, everything going on in my life appearing and mutating into strange visions. I didn't sleep well at all and I'm in a little bit of a daze this morning. A brick of sadness sat in my belly this morning. Part vacation ennui, part other.

I'm excited to read tomorrow night at Vermin on the Mount. Vermin readings are always awesome casts of great writers/readers. The audience is always engaging and smart. I know a lot of very cool people who will be there, a lot of the So Say We All Crowd. The host's wife Nuvia is a soul-mate-friend of mine.

The best part of this trip has been discovering that Cecil and I are great travel partners. I like to travel alone since I always have a hard time playing nice with others when I'm on the road. Cecil and I laugh a lot and talk a lot of shit to each other. We bicker and snap at each other but neither one of holds on to any of the little arguments. Now I know I have a travel partner, if I want one. Neither one of us sweat small things, nor do we feel the need to be spenders whilst traveling. A very good thing.

Coming home a little damaged. forgot to put sunscreen on my face yesterday for the first time ever, and I suffered a little sunburn on my nose and cheeks. It didn't hurt but I was red and am now a little toastier than before. Last night I also forgot to put on mosquito repellant and I was a feast for the bloodsuckers. And they alway go for the parts that are not so nice to scratch, knuckles, booty, elbows. The bastards.

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