Tuesday, November 29, 2011

magnificent beast

There is a character in my novel who hasn't made an appearance yet but he is pivotal to everything. I've been trying to figure out how to introduce him and I've been procrastinating on how to best get him into the action. He has decided he is sick of waiting for me and therefore has stared showing up in my dreams every night. What a magnificent beast. This may sound incredibly cheesy but I see him and I get chills. He is awesome. He made his first appearance in my dreams a few nights ago. He's showed up again, peripherally, but wow.

Almost done with 50,000 words. I will get there between today and tomorrow. My week is busy with work, distractions, obligations and friends. I've gotten up early the last two days to have a couple of solid hours to myself to meditate and write before the phone starts ringing and the day gets her claws into me. I love mornings. I love that as I write this the sun hasn't come up but when I look out the East-facing window next my desk, there are clouds whose backs are gray with pink bellies as we turn toward the sun for the day. The weather has been gorgeous lately.

The interesting thing about the draft of this novel is that it is nothing like the story I will end up telling. I'm exploring my characters and the world they inhabit. But more and more the plot keeps shifting in my head to something else, the world keeps transforming and I have to make notes to myself about what makes sense. (HOLY SHIT! The Eastern sky is fuchsia with electric blue trails of clouds bisecting it. I have to stop and watch the sunrise before I can write anymore. . . I'm back, no wonder so many culture worshipped the sun, with entrances like that it is almost impossible to believe the sun isn't a divine being. ) Anyway, my story is evolving. I have to make some difficult choices about the belief system of the world I'm in and see how dark I want to go. In theory, this is an young adult novel and I have to weigh in my heart what is and isn't appropriate. I'm not writing with the intention of wondering if what I have is publishable, but I want a story that is good, without too many elements of the horrific that have been threatening to creep in.

What a strange life I have at times. I'm not complaining but at times I'm baffled. Whatever, I'll ride it and enjoy it.

I woke up with this song in my head.

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Russell said...

I'm a great procrastinator too. Enjoyed your blog. Visit mine if you get a chance.