Thursday, November 17, 2011

the mind, undressed, redressed

I've been experimenting with my own form of Mind Hacking; using tricks to make my brain work harder for me. I'm pretty damn impressed with the results. I know the subconscious is powerful, dangerously so and for years I've worked on unraveling old, unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. Meditation helps, as do affirmations and the like. Setting intentions for myself. I've had a lot of conversations lately about the power of our minds. Setting small goals then rewarding myself.

As I've been working on the novel I've decided to try a different approach. The novel takes place in a fantasy world very loosely based on a time period in world history, a civilization I'm slightly fascinated with. I don't want the book to be about the civilization but the architecture, art and the spiritual practices of some of the characters are indeed informed by it. Before I go to bed at night I've been watching documentaries on said civilization. I've actually watched a couple more than once. I do that so those images and ideas are the last things I see before I go to sleep. I know my brain is processing the ideas and life and then they transform and show up in my writing in the morning! They actually show up in my dreams too.

Since they've been showing up in my dreams I've decided to try something different as well. I'm a big fan of Glenn Harrold's hyponosis recordings. I've been listening to them for years. They work. Don't judge me. I downloaded a hypnosis on Lucid Dreaming and have been listening to it as I fall asleep. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Hear ye, oh skeptics, this shit works. I am kind of in shock. I listen before I go to sleep, with the intention of figuring out plot points and such for the novel. My mind is blown. Ideas and plots just show up,literally. In this particular hypnosis (I think of more as a guided meditation), there is a part wherein the listener is guided to a garden. In that garden my characters are waiting for me, telling me what's happening to them, their histories and what they're feeling. I know it sounds like I've turned into a hocus-pocus, dolphin-worshipping, crystal gazing, wide-eyed talker but those of you who know me know I'm not. I'm still an ass-kicker. With awesome dreams.

This song is on my novel-writing playlist.

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