Friday, November 25, 2011

the sun is my enemy

Oh me! Today is supposed to be a writing day. I've spent the last two days cooking. Wednesday night I had a dinner party with friends and I cooked all day that day and did a lot of prepping for my cooking yesterday. I wrote a little because I was so busy. Wednesday night ended rather well, if you count four very drunk people dancing to Prince as a good way to end a night. But yesterday was a hangover day. And I was cooking a lot. I wrote not a word. I ate well, had a blast with family and slept early.

I want to write today but the sun is out and it is fucking gorgeous outside. Not that it isn't usually beautiful here in San Diego but today the sun is calling me. I know Sunday is supposed to be sunny and warm too but I want sunshine todaaay!! Novel or sunshine? Sunshine may win but I'll take a notebook.

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