Tuesday, November 22, 2011

themes, considerations

I have so many ideas for this damn novel and the trilogy it is a part of. My mind is constantly on it, thinking, wondering about what my characters are going through. I have a couple of characters I'm not sure about. I think they have the wrong intentions and may end up not as bad people, but as people who think they're right and blindly act, which is often worse than being just "bad."

I've made the choice not to read or listen to any fiction while working on the first draft of the book so that I'm not subconsciously taking ideas or plots from whatever I'm reading. But of course my lifelong reading habit is informing my work. I have so many traces of legend, fairy tale, moral story and personal history already tied up in it. I'm struggling with the mythology, the specific mythology of the world I've created. I've been listening to an audiobook on mythology and have many thoughts but am still struggling. It will happen. I think the biggest thing I've learned through this process is that I have to trust myself. I've been writing and reading my entire life. Even if I don't know where the story is going right now, I know where it ends and I have a lifetime of stories in me and imagining to help me get there.

In other news, pretty fucking healthy these days. I wouldn't say I'm a gym rat, but I love exercising. I think I may be addicted to the endorphins and even more addicted to how my legs looks in the very tiny mini skirts I've started wearing.

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