Monday, November 21, 2011

the writing comes in waves

I am still writing my novel. Kind of impressed. Kind of shocked. I see now how long this project is going to be. The book won't end at 50,000 words but I'm happy with what I have so far. I contradict myself all over the place as the plot keeps shifting and changing as I write. Evolution is good. Yesterday I was rereading my old chapbook Half Life of Memory and I was reminded of the language I love. I've been so interested in story and character that I've abandoned language. So it goes, there will be other drafts, I'm sure. I would never show anyone this draft. Ugh.

The book should be a nice salve against the holidays. Gloom! Get thee away! I'll go shopping today for what I will cook for Thursday. Cecil will join the Huertas. It will be a small affair compared to last year. And then I will come back to my book and write.

This week has one of my favorite nights of the year, Wednesday night at the Whistle Stop is wonderful. Everyone who has come to town for Thanksgiving shows up there and there is a huge reunion of sorts.

I've been spending time with writer friends who are completely invigorating. And hilarious, brilliant and wild. I've needed this for such a long time. Creative, intelligent people without any pretension or bullshit. We eat. We drink. We go on adventures. No judgement or drama. Pretty fucking awesome. I feel like a kid again at time, that wild abandon taking me over and propelling me forward but I enjoy it more as an adult because I'm over deconstructing my joy in my mind. Joy is rare enough in life without having to break it down and interrogate it.

This weekend I met up with some friends and a woman said "Oh look, I'm wearing the Lizz Huerta look, tight pants and knee-high boots!" And I've converted quite a few people to drinking "my drink." Tequila reposado, usually Corralejo, with three olives. Perfect amount of salt to it. Try it. You may love it.

I want to be as ass-kicking as P.J. Harvey in this video. She has the dream swagger.

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Mozette said...

Yesterday, I added your blog to my blog roll on My Reading List... thought you'd like to know. :)