Monday, January 30, 2012


The readings went well. Thursday night was fun, Cecil's piece was crazy. I read a couple of newer poems on Friday night. Funny, I don't write as much poetry anymore. I'm more interested in prose. I've written every day this month. I have a ringed notebook with at least one page for every day filled out. Interesting how much anger I have on those pages. I consider myself a pretty level person, calm under pressure and whatnot; patient to a fault. But there is rage in me. There are dragons.

I feel as though this month has been one of the longest months of my life. Maybe because every day has been clear, no alcohol. Maybe because every day I have been hyper-aware of the food I have been putting into my body. Maybe the meditation. Whatever the case, I'm ready for the month to be over. Not that I'm diving into a jug of booze tomorrow at midnight while I eat a steak slathered in cheesecake, but will have passed the test. I did it and I'm done with it. Little victories. I'l drink less, and my diet will be more plant-based in general. I'm keeping the meditation and daily writing. I'm keeping the limited social life.

Yesterday I participated in a little neighborhood clean-up. Six of us, bags, gloves and tons of cigarette butts and garbage. It was disheartening to see how much trash is on the streets of our city. It was lovely to be a part of something, a small group of people who decided to make a change. And we celebrated with vegan donuts.

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