Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm in love

I am. I'm in love with my novel. I wake up thinking about it. I fall asleep thinking about it. I take it with me wherever I go and when I have a spare moment I take it out and read it, with a pencil in hand, shaping, culling, adding, subtracting. I want to sing Sade to my novel and slow-dance with it in the kitchen while I'm making it dinner, while wearing beautiful lingerie. I want to wake up next to my novel and smile. I want to walk with it late at night, stopping to smell the night-blooming jasmine. I want to watch old movies with my novel and tell it "Yes, you and I have what Ilsea and Rick had, except it will work out for us. We'd be on that plane out of Casablanca, together."

I know this is the honeymoon phase and soon we'll get used to each other and start snapping. We'll need breaks from each other and days when all we can do is scream at each other. It will get old but well have these golden days to remember. I'm in love. I'm in it for the long wrong. May it last and last and last and last.

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