Friday, February 10, 2012


I've always had a vivid dream life. Since the beginning of the year I've been waking up each morning and writing down my dreams. Not only have I been remembering more but the dreams have become more detailed, or my remembering has. I've had one person revisit me nightly in my dreams, usually before waking and we have long conversations that we we have never been able to have in real life. Odd, interesting. Writing down the evolution of these conversations has been pretty damn eye-opening. This is what they, (the infamous they) call processing. Very interesting.

My month of not drinking has affected the way I think about alcohol and my body in general. When I drink my dreams aren't as vivid and I struggle in the morning with meditation. And when I drink I don't work on my novel. The novel wins. Period. My social life is pretty much at a standstill except for the few true, my sister Deanna, Beau, Cecil and La Creep. Everyone else is out of the picture.

I am in love with meditating. The other gym at the gym Cecil noted that I look "blissed the fuck out." Yes.

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