Saturday, March 31, 2012

mexico, again

I went to Mexico again last week for a very short trip to visit my grandmother at the ranch. Some pictures from my trip, a few thoughts.

The road on the way from Caimanero to La Pedgregosa.

Green lighting in a palm-thatched hut.

Fresh grilled fish at Caimanero.

Remnants of breakfast my first day at the ranch.

La Pedregosa in the morning.

The oldest man in town, 93. He gave me this love advice: Forgive your husband if he cheats on you because it is the nature of man. He and his wife live in seperate houses and don't speak to each other, but she still serves him every meal. He's blind. He has a sharp memory and sang to us a song my great-grandmother used to sing while hanging her laundry.

Snacks at the pig fry.

Breakfast in the pan.

Pig fry, the neighbors come to buy carnitas. My great-uncle kills a pig every Saturday and cooks it outside. People show up from other villages to buy his meat.

Fresh oysters at Caimanero. I'l never forget my cousin and I having an oyster eating competition 2 years ago. I love Sinaloa but don't like loud music and there is loud music everywhere. After eating these I went and sat on the beach alone for an hour.

The oyster stand.

Cat nap. Two kittens asleep in a chair. Superstition says if you take a cat's picture, that cat will die. Of course, my great-uncle didn't tell me that until after I'd taken a dozen pictures of the kitties.

Statue in honor of the mother, Rosario, Sinaloa.

Outdoor sink.

The cactus fell in love with the tree.

Fresh meat, outdoor fire.

Feeding the cows.

Getting the head to soften enough.

Cow feed, use every part of the plant.

Our Lady of the Roof Tiles.

Uncles planting a mango tree in my grandmother's yard.

Holy water.

Good fences.


My favorite picture. A man I know hasn't been home in ten years, he's undocumented. I went to visit his mother in a small town. She hung his hat over the front door and won't take it down until he comes home.

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