Monday, March 5, 2012

morning with windows open

I woke up early this morning, before sunrise. I came to my office and watched the sun rise, as much as I could from this window.The birds were in a singing frenzy. There is a mockingbird who mimics what I swear must be a video game, her song is bullets: pew pew pew pew! The the crows start showing up from where they roost in the south, they drown out other birdsong as they fly by. I love when they land close and I hear the sound of their wings, like old, dry paper rustling.

I've been 33 a week and a couple of days, so far so good. My love letters prompted many beautiful responses from friends, even though that wasn't my intention. It was a nice surprise to get in return. I spent my birthday evening with my sisters. I'm not really drinking these days so the birthday shots we took destroyed me for the day after. My dad calls it the Curse of the Huertas, after a certain age we can't handle alcohol. I'm rather grateful for the curse. I prefer my mind clear, my actions intentional.

The weekend was beautiful. I spent Saturday working at a beach-front house and yesterday Beau and I spent the afternoon at the beach. I saw dolphins playing in the water both days. Yesterday the dolphins swam back and forth in front of our spot on the beach. They must have had good fishing there.

One of my birthday gifts was music. 18 beautiful songs of story and heartbreak, a tiny bit of optimism thrown in. The accompanying letter was beautiful and sad, I've saved it in the pages of my favorite book of poetry.

I have so much writing to do, deadlines, and promises I've made to myself that must be kept. If there is anything about me that has changed in the last years it is my ability to commit. I am one dedicated woman when I make up my mind to be. The novel is my biggest priority these days, as well as keeping my life as simple as I can. I really do love how simple my life is. I love my long hours and days of solitude. I love the silence.

Contemplating doing Poem-A-Day next month, I did it a couple of years ago and came out with some good poems. But another part of me wants to focus on the novel. I only have so much creative drive. Oooh, maybe all of my poems will be about the novel, or the mythology of the world it is set in! Or written from the perspective of the characters. Something to consider.

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