Monday, April 9, 2012


So much going on, crazy, scary, strange. I have been neglecting both this blog and my personal writing a bit. Upheaval, annoyance, change.

I had an argument with an aunt last night. She was giving me a world of shit, telling me no one will ever take me seriously because I don't have a degree. She says that to be respected by academia and intellectuals I need a degree. I told her over and over again that validation from my peers and/or alleged superiors has never been a priority. I love my life, I love my experiences and most of all I love who I am. As they say in Spanish Me vale madre, I don't give a fuck. Still, it was annoying at least to stand there and be told over and over again that what I have to say in my writing isn't relevant because I don't have a degree.

Shit. I live a great life. I have my own business. I travel. I have had adventures enough to fill a book. I have had great love and bullshit love. I work with my hands and body and am familiar with the physicality of work, most people have lost that physical awareness. I am connected to the culture and land where my ancestors were from and I visit regularly and collect stories. I hate sitting in classrooms. Perhaps I don't have a clear grasp of theory and all that other shit but I don't live my live in theory, I live it in practice, in experience, in fuck-ups and celebration. Do you know how many miserable academics I know? How many times people have told me they wish they hadn't gone to school? Rant rant rant. As much as I say I don't care it obviously rankled me a bit. To say I'm not worthy of respect because I chose to live my life in experiences rather than in classrooms is bullshit. The world is my library.

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Marcos said...

My degree hasn't done me any noticeable good, relating to my writing or anything else.