Saturday, May 19, 2012

putting in, taking out

Woke up with a burning and sore throat, dry nasal passages. Dosing myself heavily with honey and tea, salt water gargles, homeopathic remedies. I haven't been sick in a very ling time. I had been thinking about illness and the body. During my last relationship I was sick all of the time. I was dealing with a shit-load of negativity, angst and tension; my immune system faltered and viruses got their claws in. Since the end of that chaos last summer I've been taking very good care of myself, working out a lot, eating live food, meditating and my immune system bolstered up. The last week or so I haven't made it to the gym because of the bursitis and I have been admittedly eating crap. And now a cold. I have to get better, my sister's wedding is a week from today and I don't want sick face, swollen and chapped nostrils for the photographs.

This latest short story is a lot to write. Not so much in terms of how long it will be but how much of myself I'm putting into it.  The protagonist has aspects of myself that I don't really like, parts of my psyche that hinder me. But writing it down is interesting.

There is an eclipse tomorrow. If I'm feeling up to it I want to drive out somewhere East to watch. I'm fascinated by the orbits and trajectories of heavenly bodies. The character in my novel are somewhat ruled by the stars and planets, the moon.

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