Saturday, May 26, 2012

this beautiful morning

I'm sitting in a hotel room in San Juan Capistrano with my sisters. Today is the day my sister Deanna gets married. Strange, wonderful. I can't believe today is the day, we've been waiting for it for months, for our entire lives. She is the first sister to get married. I'm living in a hyper-reality today, everything is super-defined, real.  Yesterday we were lazy, taking care of small wedding details. I had to go to the doctor as I still have a bad cough. He prescribed me a Vicodin cough syrup so I'm a little high, but at least I'm not coughing or in pain.  Last night we hung out, drinking margaritas, laughing and enjoying the calm before the storm.

I'm excited. I'm happy for my sister. We're relaxing, listening to Tupac, drinking coconut water. The hairstylist just arrived. The wedding isn't until 6 but we'll spend the entire day gutting ready, slowly, happily. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family. I love my sisters so much, and my parents, and everyone in this new and expanding family. I dreamt about the wedding all night.  I'm so so so happy. Today is one of the best days ever.

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