Sunday, August 19, 2012

step step stepping

Less blogging, more living.

Hot hot heatwave here in San Diego. I've spent much of the weekend curled up in front of the air conditioner in my bedroom with books, beers and Buddy, the most dramatic poodle I've ever known. My good friend David Thomas Martinez has been staying with me since Thursday. He's getting his PhD in poetry from the University of Houston. He's been living there for a couple of years but we try to get together when he's visiting home. Great conversations the last few days about writing, writing and writing. And a lot of shit-talking to each other, a lot of beer drinking, eating Mexican food and singing along to lowrider oldies. I imagine if I had a slightly older brother he would be just like David and our friendship would be as solid. His collection of poetry is coming out in 2014, through Sarabande Books. I'm super proud of him and truly excited for his book.

I was in Vancouver last week for six days and it was perfect.

I started notes on a new novel the other day then just dove right into it and wrote a couple thousand words. I was thinking about the middle grade books I read when I was that age and I remembered how much I loved ghost stories and mysteries. I started outlining one while sitting in my truck, waiting for a client and boom. I was so excited about the idea I had to write when I got home. Great feeling. I still have a ton of work to do on the fantasy novel but I needed a little break, a little writing away from myth, away from my beloved characters. Sometimes you need a break so when you come back there is renewed vigor. Or I'm just making excuses about distracting myself.

Travel and guests have kept me a little staccato in my meditation practice. What a difference twenty minutes of silence in the morning makes on my day, my whole perspective. I really do need to be more consistent with my morning silence. I've been really good about it in general but even a couple of weeks off and I start feeling old tensions creep up into my body and mind.

Heading up to Oakland in a couple of days for a wedding then back down to San Diego. I'm taking some steps toward a future and I'm not taking them alone.

I'm thinking big thoughts. Big, gorgeous, enormous thoughts. And I like what I'm thinking.