Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who ARE you people?

I was looking at my blog statistics and wondering who you are, dear readers. I've been getting a lot more traffic lately and wonder why. And who you are. Say hello in a comment! Feel free to comment as much as you like.

I've chosen to be extraordinarily solitary lately. Not that that is much different from my normal life. But I haven't gone out to the bar, I haven't reached out to friends. I realize that one of the gifts my lifestyle offers me is time. Lots and lots of time. And I'm finally appreciating it and using it for my writing. I've started a writing ritual that works for me. It involves meditation and a little self-hypnosis. I've had conversations with two hypnotists I respect and the advice they gave me is working.

Work is slowing down, as it always does at the then of Summer. I feel Summer ending, wringing itself out. The sun sets a little earlier. This morning at 6 when I woke up the sky was still rather dark. Heading into Fall. I have to get shirts with sleeves and buy socks. I'll have to pull blankets out of my closet soon and wash them, put them on my bed and drape one over my sofa so I can snuggle into it.

One of the more interesting things that has been happening in my morning meditation is plot. Plot ideas, fixes and twists bubble up constantly. I have to tell my mind Shhh, not now, I'm meditating. But I inevitably forget a few when I come out of my meditation. They appear like dreams, something I think I'll remember but when I'm fully awake they turn into vapor and float away. I've decided not to fight it, or chase after it. They're there. They come up because my mind is quiet. They don't go anywhere, they're still inside but my mind chatter drowns them out. I trust myself, my subconscious, to hold on to what matters.

I'm reading this saturday night at The Spot in Barrio Logan for an event honoring local women of the Chicano movement. I'm reading a poem I wrote for one of the honorees and something else, I haven't decided what yet.

I've been listening to a lot of Carla Morrison lately. Digging her much.

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Mozette said...

Hi. I'm Mozette from My Reading List. I have put your blog onto my blog roll and have been reading your blog for about a year now.

You're a very interesting person... a solitary person like me. I don't work very much, so I read, write books and short stories and paint as well as knit and entertain my budgie (who seems to think I'm also a budgie... strange little bird).

Sooo, check out My Reading List. You can Google it and it'll show up. :D