Tuesday, November 6, 2012

writing, mostly

I've started work on book 2 of my fantasy trilogy for NaNoWriMo. Kind of. My boyfriend was in town the last 6 days so I didn't get that much writing done but now I have all month to catch up. So much writing, so much story. This book has some crazy characters showing up, good characters, characters I've been wanting to see in literature before but they haven't shown up so I had to write them into existence.

I've been reading The Plot Whisperer. I dig it.

I submitted my short story "The Half Wife" to a competition for a scholarship. I wrote it last Spring for the Las Dos Brujas Writing Workshop. It may be one of my favorite pieces of writing ever. Three little pages, tons of heart. I did a bit of editing on it but I really do think it was one of those miraculous little gems that come out almost fully formed. Most of my short stories are set in a strange half-mythical world, the borderland between magical realism and a secretly violent place.