Saturday, January 12, 2013

serpents, snakes, little venomous mouths

This last month I've been dreaming of serpents, snakes. I was walking through a field of high grasses when two long snakes leapt out, each biting me on the wrist. I felt the poison enter my body to the rhythm of my heart beating but my body took it in, I was joyous. I was driving, the steering wheel in my hand turn into serpents, winding their way up my arms. I carried two blinded snakes, their eyes bandaged, I pitied them. Last night I was walking home, my novel in my hand when I came across a burlap sack on the road, filled with hatchling rattlesnakes. I made the bag my bed, I lay down in the road and let the snakes curl around me. One snake tried to be playful, it bit my novel and the book began to swell up, it turned gold, disappeared.

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