Thursday, January 10, 2013

the January slowing

January is always a little strange for me. Work always slows down to an almost standstill and I find myself freaking out a little, wondering if I chose the wrong career. I have remind myself that January is always a slow month. The work will pick up again. I'm really good at what I do. I love my job. I love that I have slow periods that allow me to concentrate on my writing. I love that I can work all day, interact with no one, listen to audio books and come home inspired to write. I have a few bids out, work that is coming my way and invoices out for work completed. And it is still early in the month.

One of my favorite things to paint these days are electrical outlet plates. My clients usually have big, beautiful kitchens and powder rooms with tile or marble back splashes. The outlets and switch plates stick out. I come in and make them disappear. It isn't a big money maker but I enjoy the detail work, layers upon layers. I get to use my tiny brushes. I learned from another faux finish painter years ago but just started doing the work a couple of years ago.

Yesterday a designer gave me a project that is waaaay different than anything I've ever done but I'm excited to do it. Big, bold, crazy color. I won't do the work for months yet but still, it'll be fun.

Solitary days. Much editing. Staying in as much as possible to avoid the flu plague. 6 days until my gorgeous, brilliant, romantic boyfriend is in town. Pretty sure I won't get much editing done while he's here and why would I?

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