Thursday, April 18, 2013

April update and poems

Long, somewhat rough week. If you're following my daily poems you've probably noticed I've taken a break. Earlier this week I found out one of my cousins died. He was 39. We weren't close but we grew up together, he was the older, wiser cousin and knowing he passed has punched me in the gut. I also am working on a big contract for my business that has me working long hours in the sun and when I get home I shower, eat and fall asleep. This weekend I plan on resting, writing, and grieving with my family at the service for my cousin on Sunday.

In better news, one of my favorite poems "little song for dissatisfaction" has been published at Toe Good Poetry.  I wrote this poem in Paris in 2006. I took the first draft of it to a weekly writing workshop that was held at Shakespeare & Company. It was one of those writerly moments, sitting in the grungy top floor of a famous bookstore in Paris, sharing my work with other writers, looking out the window at Notre Dame cathedral.

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