Monday, July 22, 2013

road landing

Today is my fourth day on the road. I'm in Santa Fe, staying at a really nice hotel near the plaza, one of the oldest hotels in Santa Fe. I'm a block from the plaza and main church. It kind of  reminds me of Mexico, this part of town was definitely built when this part of the world was under the rule of Spain. The first time I was here a year ago a friend told me how magical it was, this little heart of the city. It isn't bad, just not my kind of place. It feels sterile, scrubbed clean for the tourists. Everywhere you walk in this part of the city there are reminders of the history that is acceptable for tourists. I look around and see how much has been hidden away, erased.

I spent most of the weekend with my beautiful friend Andrea Serrano in Albuquerque. She and I met earlier this year and hit it off right away. I stayed at her lovely new home and did some custom painting for her as a housewarming gift. We had a great time and I got to see 'Burque through the eyes of a local and hear the histories from someone whose family has been here for generations. I love spending time with Andrea, we have so much in common in how we approach the world. She is definitely of my tribe.

As much as I love being on the road I miss the peace of being home, the small rituals that anchor my day. So much movement every day, so much newness is hard on the body and mind. I'm not complaining, I love being outside of my comfort zone but there is definitely an adjustment period. I struggle with my meditation while on the road, I struggle with my creative writing. I'm not landed or grounded yet. I head out to Texas later this morning and should be able to get into a routine. I've never spent any time at all in Texas, should be interesting.

I'm so close to Ghost Ranch. I have such a desire to get into the truck and drive out to the holy place, but the next time I return will be with H. That is where it all started between us and I can't go back alone. Driving these same roads is kind of a trip. Everything was different last summer, when I drove out here I was in such a strange but comfortable heart space. I was happy with my life and at peace. Everything has blossomed since then. So much growth in the last year. I am even happier with my life and know even more peace.

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