Saturday, July 20, 2013

the road, again.

Another year, another road trip. I'm on my way to Texas for work. I should be out there about a week. I have to deliver a bunch of stuff for my father and then do some painting on my own. I was looking at maps and realized I have almost 6000 miles of road trip travel in the next month.

I started yesterday with a truck full of material. I was a little scared about driving an unfamiliar truck but  I was fine. San Diego to Phoenix: nothing too interesting about that section of the drive. Straight road, desert. I love the landscape, how still it is, how the road stretches on and on in front of me. I love getting toward Flagstaff, winding up the road, seeing the landscape change from desert to forest. Once I'm outside of Flagstaff I'm pretty joyous. Then heading East I can't stop singing. The from Flagstaff and into New Mexico is stunning. I love driving. I love the road. 

I decided to get a hotel room last night around the twelve hour, 740 mile mark. I was pretty tired. I pulled into a small town called Grants and rented a room. I went to a bar and grill for dinner and walked into a room full of bikers. It was like that scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when he walks into the biker bar, but not as scary. I was the only person who wasn't a biker, it was pretty obvious in my flow-y pants and flip-flops. Whatever. It was fine. Excellent people watching. Ridiculous people watching.

Today I'll head into Santa Fe to drop-off some material, eat a green chile burrito or four and then head back to Albuquerque to visit a friend.  I head to Texas on Monday, should be interesting and I hope to blog more from there. I've never spent any time in Texas and am curious.

with the loaded truck
 skies outside of Flagstaff
 jackal in the clouds
of course

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