Monday, February 3, 2014

travels, devotions

I spent some time in Albuquerque last weekend with my phenomenal and hilarious soul sister Andrea Serrano. I had to go back out to Texas for work but I sandwiched my trip with a little New Mexico. I love Albuquerque and New Mexico in general. I think the reason the town sings for me is that I have the best guide. Andrea is an activist, artist and organizer after my own heart and we crack each other up. She took me to a party that pretty much had me considering moving to Albuquerque. The house was on a huge dirt lot. As we drove up the first thing I saw was a huge bonfire. A huge cottonwood stood guardian. We walked up to the house and the first thing I heard was live Afro-Cubano drums. We walked in to a wall of beautiful brown people dancing their hearts out. There was ridiculous homemade food, hootch, beer and wine.  I spent most of my night out by the bonfire, dipping in and out of conversations that hinged on magical, surreal. My everything was satisfied.

Texas was Texas. I love the clients out there, super down to earth family. The town was right on the edge of the polar vortex and I thought I'd die when I felt that blast of -11F air. California girl all the way.

I've been home a few days and am happy to be back. I've been working on writing, again. I'm in a tug-of-war with myself over which project to focus on. I think I know which one I have to work on but the other, my heart-baby is calling too. I'm doing a lot go behind the scenes research for the fantasy novel, work that requires a kind of devotion that is new to me. Studying with a teacher and I'm surprised at what has been coming up. Talk about diving in to your work. The work I'm doing is intense but I know I'm feeding the creative work, learning sacred ways of approach, attention, devotion. I'm in. 

Got a rejection letter, again, for one of my favorite short stories. I was sad for about .2 seconds and then remember one of my favorite writers gave a compliment on the story that shall never be named. Know this: whenever the doldrums or self-doubt strike I remembered that comment, brush my knees off and git up. I have a feeling as to why the story keeps getting rejected, it has little to do with the writing and more to do with the content. Whatevs.

H and I are heading out to AWP at the end of the month and I'm crazy excited. There are a ton of panels I'm interested in but I'm really excited to see friends! I have friends from all over who'll be at AWP. I am super excited about our Pan Dulce reunion with Sharline Chiang and Patricia Engel. Lots of meet-ups planned with people I haven't seen in years. Lots of VONA crew. I have a feeling it will be nuts.

I went out with high school friends this weekend. Bless everything that kept me from getting married young and/or having babies young. I am so grateful for the wildness and wounds of my twenties, the scandalamaties I willingly participated in and the labyrinth of shit. It was golden and I never have to have any regrets.

Speaking of nuts. Turn up your volume, loosen your spine and listen to this:

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