Monday, June 16, 2014

an extraordinary life

Often my life is extraordinary. Last week I went to New Mexico for work. I have a high-end interior designer I work with, sometimes she sends me around the West for work. I knew I was going out to New Mexico for work but didn't think much beyond that.

I arrived at the house where I was going to work and it was a stunner. The biggest house I've ever seen, on 200 acres of high desert mesa and valley. I was given a guest house to myself and told that I would be staying on the property alone, since the owner was out of the country. Yep, I had a 200 acre ranch and mansion all to myself. Yes, the house was stunning, exquisitely detailed and magnificent in scale but I didn't really care. I was elated (and a little scared) that I had the desert to myself.

The first couple of nights were scary. I love solitude but this was a whole other type of solitude. I would step out of the cabin at night to stare at the sky, and rush back in at the finest noise, usually rabbits or big fat beetles. I set up booby traps by the doors to my cabin, balancing empty wine bottles and cans in pyramids in case anyone tried to break in. I had no internet or cell phone reception so even if anyone had broken in all I could have done was scream and attack them with the serving fork I slept with. After a couple of nights I chilled out. I was able to spend my nights outside, with a glass of wine and my thoughts. By the last night I was dancing by myself in the desert, spinning around, singing in gratitude and that freedom that comes from knowing absolutely no one is watching.

I did a ton of work on my fantasy novel, that was the true gift. I rearranged chapters, worked on plot holes and edited. It still has a long way to go but wow, it felt good to spend dedicated time in that world.

I featured at the Speak Poet poetry reading in Albuquerque on Thursday night, hosted by my awesome friend Andrea Serrano. I love visiting New Mexico for many reasons but Andrea is one of my favorite reasons, we laugh and have the best conversations whenever we're together. It was lovely to feature, I haven't had a poetry feature in a long time. Funny to read all this poems, so many of them are a testament to my twenties and I could never write them now.

I'm reading next Thursday at So Say We All's monthly storytelling event VAMP. I have a funny piece based on the theme "Coming to America." My piece features Laura Ingalls, self-hate and fantasies about scurvy.

H comes back this weekend and I'm thrilled out of my mind. A month apart was a lot. I miss our life together, our little details and rituals of day to day living. I miss our balcony chats and morning silences. All of it. We're supposed to meet up in the Bay Area this weekend but I may stay in town since my sister is 37 weeks pregnant and ready to go into her birthing time any minute. H and I have a super busy summer ahead of us. I can't wait to have him home.