Monday, September 21, 2015

Whole 30 Complete, now give me my corn

Today H and I finish our Whole 30 thing. It both feels like it lasted way too long and it flew by. 30 days cigarette-free is a record for H. H got all the benefits, he's glow-y as fuck, has lost all the bloat, beer weight, and has toddler-like energy. I did not get all the benefits, even though I did lose some bloat. I have hives on my face, so lovely, and crazy eczema all over my legs. I've been exhausted and pretty damn cranky/weepy. So it goes. We learned some habits and unlearned a few more. My ancestors are riled up, showing up in my dreams like: "Puta, we are the people of the motherfucking corn, eat your corn."

Tonight I drink wine. Tomorrow I eat corn.

I did learn I can be the queen of willpower. Mom made tamales chiapanecos, and I didn't eat one. Probably because she made pasteles at the same time and I gorged on those, with atypical carb-starved wildness. The family had a birthday dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant and I didn't eat anything with soy or black beans or sugar or cornstarch, a miracle.

Glad it's over. Though the entire family is doing the Whole 30 again in November, I'll probably join them. Thought it might be more like the Whole 20 because if anyone thinks I'm not going to have stuffing they have another thing coming.

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